Christmas cards

I remember when we got our first printer. Mu sister and I were each going to be allowed to make something in MS paint and print it out. My sister made some sort of underwater scene with a bunch of fishes and a blue water background and printed it out. Once my parents saw how much ink it used they decided that they were not going to let me print out my drawing.

The first digital camera my family had must have been in early 2000 or so? I remember we got it when I was in boy scouts because I had asked the scoutmaster about what someone needed to look for when we were working on the troop website. He told me that a VGA resolution camera was fine as long as you weren’t planing to use it for a wallpaper or anything. At the time I didn’t know that VGA meant 480×640 (I think that is right) and I thought he was talking about house wallpaper. At the time, the standard screen resolution was 1024×800 I think, so it is clear in retrospect that he was talking about a desktop background.

The camera would also work as a webcam and it came with a number of interesting utilities, such as a game that used motion detection to have you hit a beach ball around the screen. I found it funny when years later the PlayStation eye came out and offered similar features in their amazing cutting edge device, but I digress. This is what really started my interest in digital photography and, to an extent machine vision.

We somehow ended up getting Corel paint shop pro, I think it may have been free after rebate at Compusa or something like that, and I made gratuitous use of the background removal tool making thing like this Christmas card.


Guess what my brother’s name is. I thought I was rather clever at the time, and to be honest I didn’t do that bad of a job considering my age.


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