Why I move slowly.

I was doing something and needed a machine screw. I had a bit of trouble finding what I wanted in this box. In part because the bins didn’t always match the label, but for some other reasons as well.

Showing the locations of the screw types.

What is this mess? Why doesn’t it have a M2x5?


Now, the QC obviously isn’t great because the screws were often 0.1-0.2mm short. (And yes, I know how to measure the length of a flat head screw. I measured the whole length.) But there were a few other issues.

  • This style of case lets small parts move all over, and the small plastic baggies they put the screws in to prevent that were a pain to open.
  • The choice of placement is a bit all over the place. There is some logic to what they did, but it seems like they randomly chose the box and screw lengths.
  • The label is on the top, so when you open it, you loose your reference.

Now, any sane person would realize that this box wasn’t going to last long before breaking anyway and that they should just deal with it. But that does not describe me.

So, long story short, this is what the box looks like now.

100% not worth the time it took.

100% not worth the time it took.

It doesn’t match the size of any of my other boxes. The squares are all different sizes so the covers are too snug or too loose. I wasted like 5 hours of my life. But hey, at least I should be able to find the screw I want. (If I can find the box that is.)

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