Android “game”

Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay screenshot

I made an android app called sleep solitaire in unity. It isn’t much, and has some bugs, but it works. Feel free to download it.
I thought about putting it on the play store, but it costs $25 to make a dev account and I don’t really think it is worth it for this.
If I decide I might do more, I might make a play account though.

On play store

link to old apk

It is pretty simple. It just deals the card in a semi-random order such that the lower cards are revealed first.
Specifically, it selects a the top card from ordered stacks of each of the suits (keeping the stacks about the same size) and places them face down into one of the seven table stacks (and only allowing stacks to reach some depth based on how many cards have been dealt. Specifically, the table stacks are limited to a size of (1+(52-t)/8) where t is the number of remaining cards. At least, until it gets to the last three cards, at which point it puts one in the eighth stack and discards the other two.

This allows some level of randomness while still allowing an order that is usually winnable.

The gameplay mostly just detects what stacks you move cards onto, checks to make sure that the move is valid, and flips cards over as needed.

There isn’t any code that detects a win, and the shadows of the cards are considered inside the “box” to click the card, but it doesn’t crash so I consider it a success.

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