Work Desk PSU Pt1

Part of my electronics work desk project includes making a power supply setup. I ordered some cheap parts from china to set it up. It puts out 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and a variable voltage.

The green display reads the voltage going into the green plug, or alternatively checks the output voltage of the 3.3, 5, and 12V rails. (More on that in the second part.) The blue display gives the blue (variable) voltage, and  the center display gives you the volts and amps going to/through the two plugs on the left. The two switches control the power supply and accessories, although only on is inserted right now.

Wood is cheap and good for checking fits and sizing.

Wood is cheap and good for checking fits and sizing.

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Fun with GIMP

I’m a big fan of GIMP and Inkscape. I like the knowledge that they will always be there and that if the need arises, I can modify them. I have been interested in writing scrips, and also in generating textures. Below is an end result of a granite texture I generated using gimp and G’MIC.

I know you can't see it, but this is a really nice render of something that looks like granite.

Why use a camera when you can get a similar result with a computer and a 5 hours of free time!

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Run-away class

I had tried to make a class to teach how to make basic PCBs. The project was a simple RGB LED and and some resistors to limit the current so that it could be driven directly from the pinouts of an arduino. Unfortunately, I got a bit out of hand in creating material. The part introducing students to LEDs, PWM, measurements of luminescence, and basic V=IR  stuff is mostly complete.

In hopes these documents may be useful to someone else, I have uploaded them here.

Light, LEDs, and Human perception
There is also a sorely incomplete HTML file here.
Link to datasheet
Legacy WP154A4SUREQBFZGC datasheet V.3 2011-03-02

Christmas cards

I remember when we got our first printer. Mu sister and I were each going to be allowed to make something in MS paint and print it out. My sister made some sort of underwater scene with a bunch of fishes and a blue water background and printed it out. Once my parents saw how much ink it used they decided that they were not going to let me print out my drawing. Continue reading

Needlepoint ladybug

Many years ago I started a 15cm by 15cm needlepoint ladybug for my sister who, at the time, had a bug themed room. I believe I started this project somewhere between 1996 and 1999. The ladybug portion was finished by my then 8-10 year old self, but the rest took a bit longer to finish.

As seen assembled. After 15 years, this is the longest project I have ever finished.

As seen assembled. After 15+ years, this is the longest project I have ever finished.

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