Stocking Frame

My brother has a Christmas stocking that was made by our great grandmother probably thirty or forty years ago. Due to its age the backing was starting to come off and there was not a good way to display it without risking damage.

–finished img–


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Crypto for dummies

I decided to mess around with cryptocurrency mining for fun. I don’t expect to make any money, and you shouldn’t either, but if you want to know more about it, mining is a good way to go. I hit a few snags along the way though, and this might help you get past them a bit faster.

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Depth mapping

For my senior design project I messed around with some depth mapping by taking a photo using two cameras at different points. The patterns projected are an effort by me to help give the program something to compare.


The image is a bit confusing, and was taken with a camera, but the basic idea is that red items in the right image are closer.

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