About Me

I am a human. I graduated from GA Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and a lot of really knowledgeable, if a bit odd, friends. I have a lot more interests than I can peruse, and sometime loose interest as soon as I get close enough to the end of a project that I have figured out all the major problems and just tedious stuff is left, like spell checking. Basically any logic based problem is interesting, which covers just about everything, but I especially enjoy creating things. Even more so, things that create things, or self sustaining systems are awesome. Acquiring things with little to no work is something that appeals to me, and I suppose most others as well. I maintain the delusion that without scarcity of resources people could all get along, even though I know it isn’t that simple.

Interests: (note that there are a lot of things that interest me that I know noting about.)

Flashlights, LEDs, Photoluminescence, Composite materials, Non linear-regime physics* (Relativity and quantum,)  Patterns, Production automation (humans are mushy,) Photography (Amateur,) Programming, Robits, Cooking, Machine vision, A.I.*, Fighting spaceships, Orbital bombardment (preferably with a W rod,) Lasers, Energy generation that isn’t restricted by probability space*, Consuming mass quantities of media, 3D scanning (see Machine vision,) Logic, Optics, Doggies, Making stuff, Sleeping,

About this site

This site is a semiprofessional front for some of my projects. Although it is not my intent to have major spelling and grammar errors, they will exist. Some posts may be incomplete, but I figure some information is better than none.

To contact me

Use wesley@thissite.co where thissite is the address of this website.