Crypto for dummies

I decided to mess around with cryptocurrency mining for fun. I don’t expect to make any money, and you shouldn’t either, but if you want to know more about it, mining is a good way to go. I hit a few snags along the way though, and this might help you get past them a bit faster.

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Depth mapping

For my senior design project I messed around with some depth mapping by taking a photo using two cameras at different points. The patterns projected are an effort by me to help give the program something to compare.


The image is a bit confusing, and was taken with a camera, but the basic idea is that red items in the right image are closer.

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D & D tiles


I am a big fan of modularity, sometimes to a fault, so when I was thinking about making D&D boards the choice was obvious. Unfortunately, These were not particularly well thought out. If you look at the rounded corner pieces below, you will see that they were designed as if the curve was even throughout the wall, which is just silly.


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